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Thank you.

After nearly half
a century...

EMIS Inc. is closing it's doors.

A final THANK YOU to our valued clients ….

To those who have used and valued our publications, “Managing Contraceptive Pill Patients,”
and other books related to women’s health care over the past half-century…

we say THANK YOU.

It has been a journey of joy, excitement, disappointment, and every emotion in between.

EMIS,Inc. Medical Publishers

closed on Thursday, March 21, 2024.

The current political climate of uncertainty related to women’s health care has created an
atmosphere that prevents our clients from investing in relevant information. We understand.
We thank you and wish you well. We continue to pray that women’s healthcare services for
young women will be accessible, and available in the foreseeable future.


You are appreciated.
EMIS, Inc. Medical Publishers

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